Anupamaa Upcoming Story: Anupama Convinces Vanraj For Pakhi’s Marriage

Anupamaa Upcoming Story 05 November 2022: Anupama convinces Vanraj and explains everything. She gets emotional about Pakhi’s marriage. The Marriage planning has started, and everyone is excited and emotional

Anupamaa Upcoming Story: Anupama Convinces Vanraj For Pakhi Marriage
Anupamaa Upcoming Story: Anupama Convinces Vanraj For Pakhi’s Marriage

Today’s episode of Anupamaa starts with Anupamaa saying that she wants Pakhi to get married with all respect from the Shah house. Vanraj leaves the place, and Anuj asks Anupamaa to convince her. Anupamaa convinces Vanraj and explains everything. Hasmukh tells Anuj that it’s great that he took responsibility and decided to do the marriage of Pakhi and Adhik. Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) says that she failed as a mother as she didn’t give the time Pakhi needed most. Vanraj asks Anupamaa about Adhik and whether he will take care of Pakhi and not hurt her.

Anupamaa Upcoming Story

Anupama also says to Vanraj that he will be a father of Pakhi for a lifetime, but he won’t get a chance to do the wedding rituals of Pakhi (Muskan Bamne). It will be great if Pakhi receives the love of her father at her wedding. Pakhi gets worried as she wants to fulfill the dreams of her marriage. She wishes that Vanraj agrees to the marriage. Adhik consoles Pakhi and calms her down. Also Read: Bigg Boss 16 WKV Promo: Shiv Thakare Loses Cool After Priyanka Choudhary Asks Him To Shut Up


Ankush asks Anupamaa and Anuj about the decision of Vanraj, and Anupamaa says that they all are ready for the marriage. Anupamaa also says that Leela will check the Mahurat with Pandit and fix the date. Anupamaa gets emotional thinking about Pakhi’s marriage. Also Read: Fahmaan Khan And Kritika Singh Yadav’s New Show Pyaar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patni Promo Leaves Fans Impressed, Watch

Anuj consoles Anupamaa and hugs her. Anuj hopes that Vanraj and Barkha should agree to the marriage, and at that time, Barkha says that she will not agree to the marriage for the betterment of her life. Samar and Paritosh get emotional thinking about Pakhi’s wedding and also get excited about the wedding. Anupamaa finds it difficult to understand the English language, and Adhik helps her and explains it to her. Pakhi and Anuj watch them, and Pakhi feels good seeing Adhik helping her mom. Anuj says to Pakhi that everything will be fine.



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