Anupamaa: Rupali Ganguly Reacts To Rumours Of Gaurav Khanna aka Anuj Kapadia’s Exit From The Show

Fans were in shock after hearing Gaurav Khanna aka Anuj Kapadia of Anupmaa declared that he will leave the show. The clip that went viral was from live interaction from the sets of the show

Anupmaaa Actors Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna
Anupamaa: Rupali Ganguly Reacts To Rumours Of Gaurav Khanna aka Anuj Kapadia’s Exit From The Show

Anupamaa is one of the most-followed television serials of all time and looks like the team is gearing up for a major twist now. The recent episodes suggest that there might be a romantic angle budding between Anupamaa and Anuj Kapadia but the latest reports indicate otherwise. In a recent live session, Gaurav Khanna, also known by his character name, Anuj, implied that he might be quitting the show soon. Also Read-Bollywood Stars And Their Bizarrely Funny Habits That Will Amaze You!

For the unversed, the show revolves around the life of a married woman who learns that her husband is cheating on her with a lady from his office. Her character goes through a massive development stage after the revelation as she builds herself and grows as an individual. The Indian serial has been made in multiple languages in the past and all of them have worked exceptionally well with the audience. Also Read-Kangana Ranaut Failed In Love Once Again? Actress Shares Cryptic Post


The lead actress of the show, Rupali Ganguly, recently held a live interactive session on Instagram where she introduced her crew to the audience. In a segment of the video, she can be spotted having a fun banter with Gaurav Khanna, who was just back after shooting his segment. The two even indulge in a hilarious fight before he playfully declares that he might be exiting the show. Also Read-Mouni Roy Tying The Knot With Suraj Nambiar In Dubai Or Italy On January 27, 2022? Interesting Details Inside

Rupali aka Anupamaa is seen introducing staff member Ketki in a part of the video, who seemed quite busy and occupied. Out of the blue, Gaurav starts jokingly teasing Ketki and says, “So Ketki has planned an exit for Anuj. And she has told me today. Ketki please tell them na what you told me today morning. Why I am crying inside. See, she does not even want to come on camera now.” Also Read-Bigg Boss 15: Is Rakhi Sawant’s Husband FAKE? Rumour Is That He’s The Cameraman Of The Show

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However, Rupali Ganguly is quick to rescue the situation as she is heard saying in the background, “Rubbish! You are gonna say all this sh*t on the camera?”. She also sort of made it clear at the end of the video that Gaurav is just messing around and there is no such exit happening. We suppose fans will have to wait and watch if Anuj actually leaves the show in the upcoming episodes. We hope not! Also Read-Here’s How Much These Bollywood Celebs Charge For Attending Weddings


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