Anupama Written Update 8 August 2022: Vanraj Plans To Take Revenge

Anupama Written Update, 8 August 2022: Vanraj claims that Anupama and Anuj separated him from his family and he decides to take revenge for it. Vanraj messages Anuj to meet him after the puja.

Anupama Written Update, 8 August 2022: Vanraj Plans To Take Revenge
Anupama Written Update, 8 August 2022: Vanraj Plans To Take Revenge

In today’s Anupama episode, Anuj informs Anupama that Anu became exhausted and went to sleep. He claims that the families would not have come together if Anu had not called Hasmukh. Anupamaa expresses gratitude to Anu for inviting Shahs to the puja. Anuj claims that they must establish limits for both families. Vanraj tells Pakhi that she has once more become a decent daughter. Hamsukh asks Vanraj why he is offended if his family visits Anupamaa. Vanraj claims that Anupamaa always casts him in a negative light and Anuj and Anupamaa separated him from his family. He wished Anuj and Anupamaa terrible luck.

Anupama Written Update 8 August 2022

Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) claims that no one can steal her happiness. She cleanses Anuj and Anu of the evil eye. Anuj hopes Anu has a similar upbringing to Anupama. Anuj wants Anu to maintain her grounding nature. Vanraj claims that whatever he does, he falls short of Anupama and Anuj. Hasmukh claims that he chose to remain alone and that he cannot hold Anuj and Anupama accountable for the same. Hasmukh declares that Anuj has invited them to join the temple and whoever wishes can join him. Also Read: Taapsee Pannu Requests Netizens To Boycott Her Film Dobaaraa, Say “Picture Dekho Na Dekho …”


Kavya questions Vanraj’s obstinacy. Vanraj claims he cannot support Anuj. He claims that he is so furious with him that he has no idea what he will do if Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) approaches him. Leela and Kavya are shocked.

Later in Anupamaa, Anuj asks Anupamaa if she is exhausted and in need of assistance. Anupamaa claims she is fine. Anupamaa hopes for the best for Anuj. Leela urged Vanraj to lower his temper and cool down. Leela sat perplexed. Anupamaa expresses gratitude to Anuj for keeping his choice a secret on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. Anuj says that he doesn’t want to ruin the festival. Vanraj believes that Anuj ruined his life. Hasmukh has a conversation with Leela and worries that Vanraj’s anger would cause him to act badly. Vanraj decided to carry out his strategy. Also Read: Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Story: Pakhi Won’t Forgive Sai

Vanraj messages Anuj asking him to meet after the pija. Anuj agrees. Anupama tells Anuj that she feels like something might happen. He asks her not to overthink. They reach the temple and Vanraj watches them. After the pooja, Vanraj texts Anuj and asks him to meet him outside the temple. Anuj tells Anupama but she asks him not to go. He tells that he needs to end the issue. Kavya calls Vanraj, but he says he’s out and disconnects. She wonders what is he up to. Anu prays. Also Read: Imlie Upcoming Story: Aryan Regrets Getting Imlie Arrested, Malini Continues To Fuel Hatred



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