Anupama written update 4 March 2022: Anupamaa says yes to Anuj’s proposal

Anupama written update 4 March 2022: Anupama’s birthday celebration, Rakhi enters the Shah house. While she wishes to take a pregnant Kinjal home, the family objects.

Anupama written update 4 March 2022: Anupamaa says yes to Anuj proposal
Anupama written update 4 March 2022: Anupamaa says yes to Anuj’s proposal

In today’s episode, Rakhi does a dhol dance. Vanraj reminisces about his altercation with Rakhi. Kinjal is asked if she told Anupama. When Leela sees Rakhi, she gets irritated. She claims they don’t tell people about the pregnancy for at least three months, but Rakhi is openly celebrating. Rakhi, Anuj, and GK all greet the Shahs. When Rakhi sees Kinjal, she breaks out in tears. Kinjal is summoned by Anupama to meet Rakhi. Kinjal and Rakhi have a passionate hug. Anupama believes her mother was never invited to such a celebration since Leela never invited her. Kinjal, she believes, will receive all of the bliss and will not be split between the in-laws and the parent house. Also Read: Anupama Accepts Anuj Kapadia’s Marriage Proposal, #MaAn Fans Have Meltdown, See Tweets

Anupama and Rakhi refer to one other as grandmothers. Rakhi then invites Kinjal to accompany her. Rakhi is about to be countered by Anupama. Rakhi requests Anupama to refrain from lecturing her because, despite her lengthy conversation, nothing has changed. Anupama and Rakhi on Anuj’s side chastise him for interrupting. Rakhi inquires if Anuj knows who he is and if they have ever met. Kinjal tells Rakhi they met at a café. Rakhi is adamant about not remembering her meeting with Anuj. Anupama is irritated. Also Read: Anupama Written Update 3 March 2022: A Shocker For Shah Family After Rakhi’s Entry


Hasmuk invites Rakhi into the house to discuss. Rakhi enters the house, recalling Vanraj and Anupama’s insults to her. Rakhi tells Shah that Kinjal will work at the house while being pregnant and will eventually turn into another Anupama.

Leela and Rakhi disagree about Kinjal. Leela is adamant about not sending Kinjal with Rakhi. Rakhi and Leela are agitated, so Anupama tries to calm them down. Kinjal is asked to think and make a decision by Anupama. Kinjal expresses her gratitude to Anupama for becoming her mother. Rakhi is irritated.

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