Anupama Upcoming Story: Will Anu Take The Biggest Decision Of Pakhi’s Life?

Anupama Upcoming Story: Adhik leaves Pakhi back at her house and leaves with the Kapadias. Vanraj realises his mistake and leaves Pakhi alone and she gets shocked.

Anupama Upcoming Story Will Anu Take The Biggest Decision Of Pakhis Life 1

The current track of the star plus show Anupama revolves around Anupama facing tough times because of the issues in Pakhi and Adhik’s marriage. In the last episode, Adhik asked Pakhi to give him some time to think about their relationship. Pakhi blamed everything on Vanraj and Baa leaving him disheartened.

Now, In the upcoming episodes, Adhik asks Pakhi to don’t make a scene and let him go. Pakhi gets devastated while Adhik leaves in the car. Anupama feels sorry for Pakhi (Muskan Bamne) and wants to be with her but Anuj calls her. Anu leaves but her mind gets clouded with thoughts about Pakhi. At Kapadiya mansion, Anuj takes care of Anupamaa and consoles her. Anu expresses her thoughts and states that as a mother, she wants to be with Pakhi. Also Read: Hina Khan Reacts To Reports Of Her Breakup With Boyfriend Rocky

Anupama Upcoming Story

Furthermore, Vanraj gets realization that Anupamaa was always right about Pakhi as she abandoned her father and blamed him for whatever he was trying to do for her. Pakhi overhears it and states that every marriage of Shah family have faced issues but while her marriage is facing slight issues, the family members are calling her out. She decides to leave the house. Vanraj asks Pakhi to do whatever she wants to do. Barkha asks Anu that they should get Pakhi and Adhik divorced. Anu gets shocked.

In the upcoming episodes, Anupama gets a call stating that Pakhi is missing. Anuj and Anu leave to search for her. They see Pakhi and get stunned.

Will Anupama listen to Barkha’s advice and break Pakhi-Adhik’s relationship?