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Anupama Upcoming Story: Kavya To Tell The Truth To The Police? Anupama Trusts Vanraj

Anupama Upcoming Story: Vanraj tries to tell the truth to Anupama, but he is unable to tell the whole thing. On the other hand, Samar overhears all these things.

Anupama Upcoming Story: Kavya Calls The Police, Anupama Trusts Vanraj, Will Kavya Reveal The Truth?
Anupama Upcoming Story: Kavya Calls The Police, Anupama Trusts Vanraj, Will Kavya Reveal The Truth?

Star Plus’s popular serial ‘Anupama’ continues to top the TRP list. Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer ‘Anupama’ is constantly witnessing such twists and turns, which have kept the fans hooked to the show. Last day in ‘Anupama’ it was shown that Vanraj starts remembering the things that happened near the cliff. On the other hand, blood clots accumulate in Anuj’s (Gaurav Khanna) brain, for which the doctors ask for brain surgery. At the same time, Anupama also immediately gets ready for that brain surgery.

Anupama Upcoming Story

During Anuj’s brain surgery, Anupama is standing outside the operation theater and in the meantime she feels dizzy. But then Toshu comes there and takes care of him and says that every time it is summer, but this time I am. Seeing Toshu, Anupama’s courage increases. Also Read: Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin SHOCKING Twist: Sai Goes Missing After Accident, Pakhi Gets Out Of Jail


Vanraj regains consciousness and calls Anupama and tries to tell her the truth. But he can only speak that he pushed Anuj into the ditch. Before this, he could say anything, Samar and Kavya listen to all those things. Although Anupama trusts Vanraj, she waits for the completion of the matter and also explains to Samar that Vanraj cannot do this.

Has Barkha Pushed Anuj In The Cliff?

Adhik and Ankush is about to leave the hospital when Barkha comes there. On seeing him, Ankush starts asking if he has done all this, to which Barkha replies that yes I have done it. I am behind all this. But immediately she turns back from her words and says, “I was the one who took them to the cliff and I pushed them. You guys have gone mad.” Also Read: Imlie Upcoming Twist: Aryan Invites Imlie To Rathore Mansion, Cheeni’s Plan Works

Samar overhears Anupama and Vanraj’s words and outside also the family members start feeling that no one else but Vanraj has pushed the family. Kavya calls the police and Ba gets upset knowing this. Baa tells Anupama not to send her son to jail. Baa starts pleading in front of Anupama about this thing and says that if you have spent even a single moment in my courtyard, you will not complain against Vanraj. Anupama breaks down on hearing Baa’s words. Also Read: Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 8 Years Leap: Sai, Pakhi Live Un-Happily In Their Own Respective Worlds, With Virat?


What will Anupama’s stand, will she ever get to know about Ankush-Barkha’s evil plan?

Will Anuj Kapadia be fine soon?

Also Kavya knows something about the tragic incident, will she revealed it in front of Anupama or police is to be seen in the upcoming episodes.



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