Anu Malik’s Mother Passes Away: Amaal Malik And Armaan Malik Pays An Emotional Tribute To Late Grandmother; Watch

Amaal Malik and Armaan Malik penned emotional posts for their grandmother Kausar Jahan Malik who passed away on July 25.

Anu Malik Mother Passes Away: Amaal Malik And Armaan Malik Pays An Emotional Tribute To Late Grandmother
Amaal Malik And Armaan Malik Pays An Emotional Tribute To Late Grandmother

Losing someone can be heartbreaking because the memories they leave behind haunt us forever. The pain of not being able to see, embrace or hear them becomes unbearable, however, the only truth in life is death. Singer and songwriter Anu Malik’s mother, Bilquis Malik, passed away on July 25, 2021, bringing the biggest blow to his family.

Birquez Malik is the wife of the late composer Sardar Malik. The couple have three children, Anu Malik, Daboo Malik and Abu Malik, and six grandchildren, Amaal, Armaan, Aadar, Anmol, Ada and Kashish Malik. His death destroyed the Malik family, and his grandsons Amar Malik and Aman Malik expressed their emotional respect to him.


Bilquis Malik passed away at 3:30 pm on July 25, 2021. She is 86 years old and was admitted to Zhuhu Arogya Nidhi Hospital on Thursday, July 22, 2021 after a stroke. She was buried in Santa Cruz Cabrastan on Monday morning. Anu Malik’s brother Abu Malik confirmed the news to Mid-Day and shared the news of her peaceful death.

The Malik family is in absolute pain, which is a heartbreaking moment for them. Singer and music composer Aman Malik wrote a heartfelt thank you letter to his grandmother on his IG ID. He shared a photo and two videos with his late grandmother. In one of the videos, he was taking care of his dad in the hospital.

Amaal Malik And Armaan Malik Pays An Emotional Tribute To Late Grandmother

Sharing this post with his late grandmother, Armaan Malik wrote: “I lost my best friend today…my dadijaan. The light in my life. I still can’t handle this loss. I know that no one can fill this gap. You are the loveliest and most precious person you used to be. I am very grateful for having so much time with you and accepting all your love, hugs and kisses. Allah, my angel, is with you now.”


On the other hand, Amaal Malik shared a flashback video and pictures with his father on his IG ID, expressing his heartfelt feelings. He wrote: “Today you will be with your bare hands. Burial is the most difficult task in my life. I cry desperately for the last hug, but you are gone. You want to be buried next to your husband, I am glad we can do this…” Amaal went on to say that he knew his father finally met his father in another dimension.

He added: “When I left, it started to rain. I looked up at the sky and smiled knowing that you are where you want to go, combined with Dada in another dimension, just like this photo. Nothing before. People, there will be no one in the future. On Sundays, I have breakfast with Dadi, a pizza party and dinner. This is the real deal… You live to love your children and grandchildren. You have struggled for a long time. Dear and love. You will live in us till the end. OG Malik has left us”.

May God grant the Malik family strength!


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