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Abhinav Kohli accuses Shweta Tiwari of abandoning son for Khatron Ke Khiladi 11, Seeks help from child care

Shweta Tiwari’s estranged husband Abhinav Kohli has accused her of abandoning their son Reyansh at a Mumbai hotel while she shoots for Khatron Ke Khiladi in South Africa. He recorded videos of himself, going from ‘hotel to hotel’, checking out the boy.

Abhinav Kohli Accuses wife Shweta Tiwari of Abandoning son

Abhinav Kohli, who is involved during a bitter custody dispute together with his estranged wife Shweta Tiwari, has said that he refused to consent to her taking their son Reyaansh along side her to South Africa. Shweta recently jetted off to participate within the reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi. consistent with Abhinav, left him at a Mumbai hotel.

Abhinav, who has repeatedly accused Shweta of not allowing him to meet Reyansh, posted a series of videos on Instagram on Friday and Saturday.

In the video, Abhinav Kohli said that he’s the “natural guardian” of Reyaansh and rather than handing him over to him, instead Shweta has “abandoned” their child in a bedroom. He added that he has been wandering hotels to hotels in search of his son. Abhinav added that the police officials aren’t filing his report and suggested he call the Child care helpline number.

Abhinav Kohli accuses Shweta Tiwari of abandoning son-

Abhinav Kohli continued that he had seen his son over the video call a couple of days ago, and he had chest congestion, his eyes were swollen, and despite his health, Shweta left him alone during a hotel. He added that his son is an insecure child and gets very anxious alone as he always needs a parent around him. Abhinav appealed to the general public to let him know if they gather any information about Reyaansh.

Abhinav Kohli, during a series of videos shared that if he doesn’t find his child, he is going to be left with no other option but to make an appeal to the supreme court.

In a second video, he said that he had contacted child helpline services, and said that Reyansh hadn’t been keeping well within the previous couple of days. “She has gone to South Africa, during Covid, when people are dying left, right and centre. it’s such a dangerous time,” he said. In his third video, he recorded a call with a representative from the kid helpline services.

Shweta during a recent interview accused Abhinav of trying to ruin her reputation. “In the lobby of my residential building, he (Abhinav) told me, ‘Ek aurat ki image kharab karne me kya lagta hai, only one post. only one post, and you’ll be ruined,” she told Bollywood Bubble.


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