Abdu Rozik who recently got out of Bigg Boss 26 house talked about his equation with Sajid Khan and also shares his views on ‘I love tatti’ incident which happened with him on Nimrit’s birthday.

Abdu Rozik On Sajid Khan I Love Tatti Incident

Abdu Rozik was surely one of the highlight of Bigg Boss 16. The social media star made everyone his fan with his overall presence. Abdu had a great bond with Sajid Khan from the inception of the show and many viewers loved their friendship. But after few incidents, Abdu seem to lost his faith on Sajid and often made a distance from the director. One such a incident when Sajid Khan wrote, ‘I Love Tatti’ on Abdu’s back.

It so happened that, On Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia’s birthday, Abdu decided to give her surprise and asked Sajid to write, I Love Nimrit’ on his back but instead writing the said, the filmmaker wrote disrespectful term which was out of Abdu’s understanding. Netizens on social media slammed Sajid and his Mandali members for the same. And now Abdu has himself talked about the incident saying ‘it was bad’. Also Read: FINALLY! Rakhi Sawant Is Married! Fans Suggest Her To Do ‘Hajj’ & ‘Umrah’ With Adil.

In a chat with KoiMoi, Abdu had spoken up about broken trust. Abdu spoke about the ‘I love tatti’ incident and said, “In real life, sometimes it’s not good. Whole show seeing, whole duniya seeing. My father-mother seeing. I’m thinking. Bro Sajid told me ‘(I’ll) write I love Nimrit.’ I told Happy Birthday like this (write). He didn’t tell me (what he wrote). How I see my back, what he’s writing. trust him. I trust bro Sajid. After this I’m like not much trusting him. After this I’m became sad, If your best friend only making on your back. like this for the whole world to see – this is not good.”

Abdu Rozik On Sajid Khan

Sajid Khan recently got evicted from Bigg Boss 16 and met Abdu Rozik as they seen posing with Farah Khan at her residence partying. The two seen happily posing together for the camera and it seems everything is fine between them. In an another interview, Abdu said he wants to forget what happened in the past and wants to be on good terms with Sajid.

In an interview with ETimes, Abdu opened up about Sajid, stating, “Whatever happened with Sajid bhai is in the past. He is a good person with a good heart. I don’t want to know and talk about what happened in the past. He is a brother for life now. We were close friends, he used to help me in the Bigg Boss house, he is a sweet person. I am very happy that I met him in the show.”

Well, the Mandali of the BB16 house is famous for their genuine bond and we wonder who lift the trophy as there are still 4 members left amongst them.



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