A Woman Claims Satish Kaushik MURDERED For Rs 15 Crore. Files Complaint With Delhi Police-Report

Satish Kaushik MURDERED: Recently Saanvi, wife of businessman and owner of Kuber Group Vikas Malu claimed that she suspects that her husband Vikas killed Satish Kaushik for Rs 15 crore.

A Woman Claims Satish Kaushik MURDERED For Rs 15 Crore. Files Complaint With Delhi Police-Report
Vikas Malu killed Satish Kaushik: Claims a woman

Satish Kaushik, a veteran actor of the film industry, said goodbye to this world on 9 March. While there has been a wave of mourning in the film industry due to his death, there has also been disappointment among the fans. Satish Kaushik was not only a great artist, but also a famous comedian, writer and director. Whether his death is natural or accidental, the investigation is on.

Satish Kaushik MURDERED For Rs 15 Crore?

In the latest development in Satish Kaushik murder case, a woman who claims to be the wife of a Delhi-based businessman has made a shocking revelation. She has lodged a complaint with Delhi Police accusing her husband of killing Kaushik for a whopping Rs. 15 crores. She alleged that her husband murdered the filmmaker as he was demanding his money back. The woman also claimed that Satish Kaushik was murdered with some pills which were arranged by her husband. Also Read: Madhuri Dixit Mother Passes Away! Throwback When The Actress Revealed Her Mom Used To Scold Her For Keeping Room Untidy Even After She Became A Star

Reportedly, a Delhi-based businessman took Rs 15 crore from the late actor for investment purposes in Dubai. She filed a complaint against her husband with the Delhi Police Commissioner’s office saying alleging Kaushik was demanding his money back but her husband didn’t want to repay.

In her complaint, the woman said, “I was present in the drawing room where both Kaushik and my husband got involved in an argument. Kaushik was saying that he was in dire need of money and it has been three years since he gave Rs 15 crore to my husband for investment purposes. Kaushik also said that neither any investment was made nor his money was returned for which he was feeling cheated.”

Satish Kaushik murder case

She added, “My husband promised Kaushik that he would repay the money soon. When I asked my husband what was the matter, he said that he lost Kaushik’s money during the Covid pandemic. My husband also said that he was planning to get rid of Kaushik.” It is being said that 25 persons who attended the party at the farmhouse will be called for questioning.

Earlier, Delhi Police found packets of ‘objectionable medicine’ from the farmhouse in Bijwasan where Satish Kaushik fell ill after playing Holi. He later died while he was on his way to the hospital.

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Now in this matter, Vikas Malu has shared a video in his clarification.

Sharing this video, Vikas Malu has responded to the allegations leveled against him. He wrote, ‘Satish ji and I have family relations for the last 30 years and it didn’t take a few minutes for the world to throw mud at my name. I am unable to tolerate the tragedy that happened after this beautiful celebration. I would like to break the silence on the allegation now. I would just like to say that tragedy never comes by telling and neither does anyone have control over it. I would like to request the media to respect everyone’s sentiments. I will always miss Satish ji in every celebration.



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