Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin defends Aly Goni after Vikas Gupta gets to know Aly called him a ‘Pavitra Bhabhi’

Vikas Gupta shared a video clip, wherein after Rakhi Sawant called Vikas Gupta her ‘pavitra bhai’, Aly goni told her it’s ‘Pavitra bhabhi’. Jasmin backs Aly. Read On.

Jasmin Bhasin defends Aly Goni after Vikas Gupta gets to know Aly called him a ‘Pavitra Bhabhi’ (courtesy- Aly goni , Vikas Gupta / instagram)

As Jasmin Bhasin is out of the Bigg Boss 14 house she is now supporting Aly all the way from outside the house. recently she seen defending her Boyfriend Aly after Vikas Gupta shared a clip on Twitter in which Rakhi Sawant is telling Arshi Khan to not take her pavitra bhai Vikas’s name. Just then, Aly says, “Pavitra bhabhi hai bhai’. Vikas wrote on Twitter, “Pavitra Bhai Ho Ya Pavitra Bhabhi Insaan Ho. Disappointed to see that being called a woman is derogatory to these idiots, This clip showed people for who they really are. @AlyGoni Thankyou for finding me beautiful & calling me a woman. it’s a compliment #VikasGupta #BB14.”

Defending Aly, Jasmin wrote, “Either you actually misunderstood @AlyGoni or maybe you intentionally want to misunderstand him but just fyi he clearly said humari pavitra bhabhi because as you know @PavitraPunia_ was a contestant who has expressed her love for @KhanEijaz so it was for that Pavitra Bhabhi.” She added, Samjhe mastermind ji. So chill and get well soon.”

While opening about her fight with Rakhi, Jasmin told IANS, “It worked against me, and I think that was Rakhi’s purpose. She isn’t called queen of reality shows for no reason. She knows when and how to provoke someone, and she managed to do that with me,” she added.

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The Naagin star further seen blaming rakhi and explained, “As an actor, I feel, if something happens to my face I will take it very seriously. When ‘Bigg Boss’ gave her an option to go out for the treatment, she refused. I didn’t feel any difference in her nose. It was the same, just like before.”

“What she did definitely worked against me but I have no regret because I was standing up for myself. I was not taking her sh*t, and giving her sh*t back, so I have no regrets,” she added.

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